Using the GAPS Diet Cookbook – your best companion in the kitchen?

I wrote this cookbook, as I missed one, when I started on the GAPS diet. That was before any other GAPS cookbook existed, apart from “The Internal Bliss.” First I wrote it in my native language Danish. Now it is out in English!

It can be challenging to learn to cook without sugar, starch and other ingredients, made to ease cooking. This cookbook should help you out, describing a lot of techniques and practical info, so you don´t need to invent the wheel several times a day. That´s what I felt, I had to do. I have lost count on the amount of wheels I have invented.

These inventions are now made accessible in this book for you to use!

  • Besides an easy-reader´s explanation of why you will need to cook a bit differently than you are used to,
  • you will have 175 easy to follow, GAPS-friendly recipes. From the basic meat stock to the sweet dessert.
  • Also you will have some practical lists of foods to eat and to avoid, including lists of foods suited for certain stages of the diet.

I hope this book will become one of your best companions in the kitchen during your healing journey on the GAPS diet!


The foreword is written by the founder of the GAPS Nutrition Protocol (R)  Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD neurology and MmedSci nutrition and author of  “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”.


The introduction is written by Irene Hage, MD, ND


The publisher is Robert Rose. Get the book

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