Starch free lunch to bring along for you or your child

If you need ideas to make something starch free, GAPS-friendly and nice to bring along, and if you are used to thinking sandwiches, this post is for you.
I suggest you start with getting hold of a lunch box, that might awaken your creativity in order to make bread free lunches.

Lunchbox ready for insulation, that can also hold a cool pack

Lunchbox ready to cool and bring along

My suggestion is this model, which we have used for more than 10 years, even before doing the GAPS diet. I find it so inspiring, that I have placed the link to the retailer in USA. on this site. (No I don´t get payed for that.)

Especially if you don´t live in the States, it can be quite an investment, as you will need to top up the price due to toll and shipping.
However, ours have been working for 7 years until it was replaced, and it has been worth all the money. You can choose extra tools such as cool packs (get 2, so you don´t get into a conflict in the morning because your child forgot to place the thawed one in the freezer again) little food picks, extra boxes, etc.

Insulation containing the lunchbox and a cool pack.

Insulation containing the lunchbox and a cool pack.

When you follow the GAPS diet, it´s about finding out how to ease the workload in the kitchen, and to make it an inspiring and uplifting journey as possible. This is where a tool like this lunch box comes handy in, so you might as well get something like this.


So, what to fill in this box?
The following suggestions are just suggestions, and they are generally for Full GAPS. Remember, you don´t need to make everything at once. Start with one thing, and you will gradually build a variety of basic prepared foods, which of course need to be supplied as you use them.

My suggestions as a whole are for people who tolerate whatever is *GAPS-legal. You can pick the ones with foods you tolerate, and leave out the ones you don´t.

In general it´s a good idea to prepare easy to bring foods in bulk. Store in the fridge or the freezer. For instance make a huge amount of Meat Balls. Keep them in the freezer – easy to pick a few at a time; let them thaw in the lunch box.

Serano ham, cucumber, bell pepper, olives with almonds, chicken, raw carrot, and cauliflour gratin from yesterday´s dinner

Serano ham, cucumber, bell pepper, olives with almonds, chicken, raw carrot, and cauliflour gratin from yesterday´s dinner

  • Make it a habit to cook a bit extra for dinner, so you have some nice leftovers for next day´s lunch.
  • Get some good chicken legs and roast them to store in fridge or freezer, ready to go.
  • Make your own fish mix and fry Fish Cakes. Homemade *remoulade is very good with this.
  • Make your own minced meat mix and fry *Meat Balls. Very good with cooked, cold *red cabbage.
  • Make a *paté, for instance of duck or chicken liver.
  • *Chicken Nuggets and *Peanut Butter Sauce – save some from yesterday´s dinner.
  • Have a variety of vegetables stored. Bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, carrots, green salad, pees (Knowing that fresh are always best, I use frozen ones. I don´t have a garden where I can grow them and I don´t have access to bying fresh ones. Frozen they are.)
  • Avocado is also an option. Either bring the whole fruit incl. a knife to split it or drip chuncks with lemon juice, so it doesn´t turn brown. Or soak chuncks in a *French Dressing.
  • Use fresh green salad leaves to wrap around sausage or other sorts of meat. Hold it together with a food stick. Or make it into a little wrap with for instance  tomato, cheese, mustard or fresh basil.
  • Prepare gravlax. Use wild salmon, Greenland Halibut or Mackerel. Keeps 5 days in the fridge. (Lax means salmon in Swedish) Gravlax Sauce is very nice with this.
  • A portion of homemade *sauerkraut.
  • Make hummus of white beans or Lima beans. Mind, this is not until quite some healing has taken place, and only use *well prepared legumes.
  • Make your own sausages and *ketchup or get some without additives, starch and sugar. Yes they do exist. You can develop your own Berliner Curry Wurst.
  • If you tolerate it (and this is of course relevant for any suggestion) find the type of GAPS-friendly cheese, you like. Serve it in chuncks with for instance red bell pepper.
  • Supply with soaked and dried nuts or almonds, or bake some *Nut and Seed Bread

    Keep the fragile food like gravlax and paté cold with a cool pack right from your freezer.

    Keep the fragile food like gravlax and paté cold with a cool pack right from your freezer.

  • Never run out of eggs. Then you can always make scrambled eggs in a jiffy, with or without sour cream, baked in plenty of butter, clarified butter, ghee, coconut oil or animal fat. Cool and bring it along in the lunchbox.
  • If your child is old enough to handle a thermo with stock, broth or soup, he/she can bring it along as well. In my experience, the child needs to be around 12 years to be able to handle this hot fluid and not risk burning accidents.
  • A luxurious lunch could also be a *wrap made of a egg-based pancake with various fillings.
  • For the sweet tooth and for a special occasion, when the others have sugary cupcakes or stuff like that, you can bake Blueberry Muffins.

Bon appétit!

* GAPS-legal foods to be found in my cookbook Using the GAPS Diet, as well as suggested recipes: 

Remoulade, Ketchup, 3 different Liver patés, Cauliflour Gratin, Fish Cakes, Meat Balls, Red Cabbage, Sauerkraut, Chicken Nuggets, Peanut Butter Sauce, French Dressing, Hummus, Fish and Meat Stock, Fish and Bone Broth, Gravlax and Gravlax Sauce, wraps with suggestions to 4 different fillings and Blueberry Muffins. 
+ 150 more recipes for Introduction Diet, Full GAPS and coming off the diet.

All recipes are without starch, sugar, cheap plant oils or additives.

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