The goal of this movement is to create a worldwide network of young people, ages 10 to 28, who connect virtually and locally to learn about and implement the GAPS lifestyle while having support from peers.

GYM can make a difference!
Nowadays many young people are struggling with diagnoses and/or behavioral problems. I´m sure, that GYM can make a difference for those who have these struggles. Developing from young to adult the movement can inspire to making some appropriate choices about lifestyle, food, and more, without making you feel totally lost and alone. Everyone needs allied, friends and understanding support, especially when you are very young.

GYM gives the opportunity to listen to podcasts, read articles and blogs, follow SoMe campaigns, watch reels and shorts om Instagram and YouTube, plus there will be special events for members during the annual GAPS OnCon event.

Please mind, that the language is English. If you don´t speak the language, you probably wouldn´t read this anyway……But how about your child? Even if your English isn´t that good. It could be a fine language training, too! It can be very valuable for elder kids and young people to connect with people at the same age and in an equal life style situation, even the language ist pitch perfect.

GAPS-bonding, yes please
When my daughter and I started the GAPS-programme in September 2012, there wasn´t much SoMe, and certainly no GAPS-facebook groups. Those groups have later on been a tremendous help for me, including for research for my cookbook. Only one single cookbook was around, ”The Internal Bliss”, which contentwise was very good, but honestly it wasn´t that tempting to look at. However this was where I got a hint about a GAPS yahoo group. Here I looked for a pen pal for my daughter. She got teamed up with a very sweet girl from Illinois, same age as her, 11.

Although it was a struggle for her to write in English, that connection was very fine and uplifting. My daughter understood, that she wasn´t totally alone while following the GAPS diet. In Denmark, where we are, there was absolutely none else, who even respected our choice at that time. Nobody had ever heard about gut flora, and when I mentioned it, the feed back was that we were either right down ridiculous or people felt sorry for us. The first publisher I contacted about my cookbook went back to me after just 20 minutes: “Gut flora? Haha! I don´t see any future in that”. This little story is just to tell, that I know how it is to be totally alone and left with your own new insights, sensibility and conscious choice. It´s good, but hard, and it should not be so hard!

Allied are just such an important back up, who wouldn´t agre on that? It is so important not to feel alone and left. To realize, that you´re not the only one, who are making certain choices, who have the same focus, well to simply have some friends.

Much more about GYM here
Do you know anyone aged 10 to 28, who are the slightest interested in the GAPS program or even are in full swing following the principles – don´t hesitate to read more and see how to get in contact with the movement, it may be very helpful. Kudos to those, who have taken the initiative to establish it and who are in charge of developing it by the help of the members.

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