“Yeah! I bought this book. It is of great help. Many great recipes and advice, well organized and easy to follow. The best GAPS-book on the market”

“Super fine and inspiring”

“I read about the Gaps diet from other sources but found it hard to follow through due to the limited recipes. Finally found this book which provides a guideline with various meals to choose from!”

“Nice that you don´t need to get hold of all sorts of special ingredients”


“I highly recommend this book! It has been a lifesaver for me in beginning the GAPS diet journey! It can be a daunting and overwhelming prospect to begin doing what we know we need to do. This book has laid it out in such a way that I have been able to say “I CAN do this!“ And I AM doing it, with noticeable results in just one week!”

“Now, you just read, why a broken down gut cannot get healed on a vegetarian diet. If you don´t understand the body´s system, you cannot help it recover. This cookbook is a super good start.”

“Thanks for a very useful book!”

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