“Using the GAPS Diet” – your best friend in the kitchen?

Whether we are talking about sweet or savoury recipes, it can be quite a challenge to learn how to cook without sugar, starch, and more, that is not on the what-to-eat-list of the GAPS protocol.

An easy reader´s presentation
I have done my best to present an easy readers explanation on why you will have to do as recommended, when you cook in a GAPS-friendly manner.  I have written the presentation of the whole GAPS-matter almost in headlines, which means that this very complicated subject may appear pretty simplified. However, that is exactly my aim.

When you have progressed and hopefully regained a clearer mind, I warmly recommend you to read ”The original GAPS literature”,  written by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride (find them on this list) . Her books will give you a deeper understanding about the health-misery in the Western world and, not to forget, what to do about it.

175 recipes and lots of tips
Besides this, you will have 175 great, easy to follow and GAPS-friendly recipes. On top of that, you will get lots of tips about various foods, techniques and more. This means, that you don´t have to invent the wheel every time you start cooking.

I hope this book will be your best friend in your GAPS kitchen!

Foreword is written by the founder of The GAPS Nutrition Protocol and author of “Gut and Psychology Syndrome”, Dr Natasha Campbell Mc-Bride, UK
Introduction is by Dr Irene Hage, functional doctor MD, Denmark.
Publisher is Canadian Robert Rose.

”Using the GAPS Diet” has been out since June 15 2018. For ordering, check this out

Quotes from the audience


"I applaud Signe for writing this book and warmly recommend it!"

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride,
author of “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and founder of the GAPS protocol

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