Spice up your food with fresh herbs from the GAPS Intro diet, stage 2*

Don´t forget to harvest a supply of fresh herbs in the late summer, if you have access to these green, tastegiving plants. If not, maybe some of your friends or neighbours grow them in abundance, or you can bargain big bunches on food markets.

Thyme, mentha, oregano, marjoram

You can

  • use them fresh: for tea, in slads or hot dishes
  • dry them: tie them in bouquets and place them in a cool and dark place until completely dry
  • freeze them: rinse, remove stems, chop or cut them into ready-to-sprinkle size, place in freezer bags and freeze flattened, so you can sprinkle the herbs right from the freezer.
  • drown them in a good cold pressed olive oil, placed in the fridge. All parts of the plant must be covered in oil, otherwise they turn moldy.  This will provide you with a nice oil for salad dressings. You may want to place this oil in room temperature about 1 hour before use, to make sure it is completely fluent. Olive oil has good properties and is recommended on the GAPS diet. But it has to be cold pressed and not heated; otherwise these good properties are lost. You can introduce cold pressed olive oil from Intro stage 4.
  • Make pesto of various sorts of herbs. Especially parsley and basil are good for this. Store small portions in the freezer. Find the recipe in Using the GAPS Diet Cookbook.

*Read more about what Intro stage means in Using the GAPS Diet Cookbook. 

Get hold of “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” by Natasha Campbell-McBride and read why fresh herbs are one of the 10 recommendations of the GAPS Nutrition Protocol. More about the book here

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