These links are only given to you as a help to find relevant stuff. That´s it. I don´t get a penny for mentioning them.

Some kinds of gelatine only work as supplement.s and won´t set But these types also work for that purpose and are fine for cooking:
Great Lakes

Vital Proteins

Bento Box  – I recommend this box plus extra boxes, food picks, extra cool packs and insolated bag/sleeve/tote.
It´s free of poisonous stuff.
Can be expensive if you need it to be shipped across the Atlantic, but it´s worth the price and lasts for many years.


Probiotic Jar – the lid fits to fido jars from 1/2 – 5 litres.
Find more brands by searching “fido jar airlock”

Gärtopf  – here are many examples from a store in Gärtopf-country no 1: Germany.
From 2 – 30 litres.

Where ever you choose to bye your Gärtopf, don´t forget to get a stone and a tamper as well.

According to the GAPS-literature, the only supplements that are recommended generally are:

  • fish oil
  • probiotics
  • fermented cod liver oil

Fish oil
– must be of good quality. It should be kept in a fridge in the store where you get it, as well as at home. Otherwise it will turn rancid. This supplement is recommended because of the fatty acids, the body can not produce itself (omega 3), and we need them!

– are produced and sold in many many variations.
PLEASE NOTE: Don´t just go and buy whatever kind of probiotics. These microbes are not something to eat just for pleasure. They are powerful and can do harm as they can do good for you. It depends on YOUR microbiome which ones to choose. Not your neighbour´s, not your daughter´s or son´s. If you chose the wrong ones for you, they may be worse than nothing. On the basis of results from your tests your practitioner can advice you on which ones you will benefit from.

Fermented cod liver oil
– is recommended because of it´s content of natural vit A and D.

One thing you can be sure of, is that which supplements you may need including these mentioned, is an extremely individual matter.
Don´t just buy whatever because someone tells you that they benefited from it.
Check it out with a professional.

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