Enroll until Sept 7 – training begins Sept 15 2023.

In Denmark we could really use more practitioners who know something about natural diet, detoxification, gut healing and rebalancing the microbiome.

If you are already actively working in clinic as a fully educated practitioner, you can apply for the next training course. Mind, that only professionals with a relevant education and clinical experience are accepted on the course. You will need to pass a “pre-screening” in order to qualify to apply.

Much more info about the training and application form here

GAPS is a registered trademark, which means that only certified practitioners can call themselves a GAPS Practitioner.

If I were a practitioner, I wouldn´t hesitate to apply for this course. Having certified, I would be sure to have tons of work the rest of my professional life. And I would be sure to have a constructive approach to my patients, which means not only help them getting relief from symptoms, but actually help them getting to the root of their illness and diagnoses. Some patients would even be cured for so-called in-curable diseases like for instance Multiple Sclerosis or ME. Because that´s what the GAPS protocol actually does to many “incurable” patients: cure them. There are several examples of that, which, I´m sure will also be a topic during the course.

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