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Eat, heal and be happy!

– an introduction to the joys of GAPS-friendly cooking

These days we see skyrocketing numbers of people being with “modern” physical, mental and behavoural diagnoses.

This phenomena neurologist and nutritionist Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride has described in detail in her groundbreaking book ”Gut and Psychology Syndrome”, that was first published as fare back as in 2004.

The “GAPS”- diagnosis is an overall name of many well known as well as more rare diseases and symptoms, that turn out may be due to a damaged gut flora. The good news is, that we can make adjustments to our gut flora to the better; this can, for many people, help GAPS-diagnosed people recover.

Among other interventions, the GAPS protocol dictates lots of real food cooked of natural, unprocessed ingredients.
However, you will have to make an extra effort, and you must have the courage to think differently than ususally, if you wish to cook in a GAPS-friendly manner.

I am a self taught foody and author of “Using the GAPS Diet – 175 Recipes for Gaining Control of Your Gut Flora”.

The book is originally written in Danish, and is published in English by Robert Rose in June 2018.

After 5 years research and lots and lots of cooking, I wrote the cookbook I was looking for initially, when no doctors or practitioners could help my daughter get rid of chronical stomach pain.

I am not a practitioner, which means that I will talk about the special demands for GAPS-friendly cooking more than anything else.

I am based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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