The GAPS Diet
heals your gut
– and rewards you
with better health

Welcome to the GAPS-kitchen!

Forget about a quick fix.
Forget about a puritan lifestyle.

But look forward to real, nourishing, satisfying and luxurious food
– and to saying goodbye to GAPS-related diagnoses.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of chronic health problems,
maybe the GAPS protocol is relevant for you and your family.

Best wishes from the GAPS-chef,
author of

Using the GAPS Diet
175 Recipes for Gaining Control of Your Gut Flora


The GAPS-chef´s latest recipes

Blueberry Muffins

If you are on Full GAPS, try these nice Blueberry Muffins Great for a special breakfast, for afternoon tea, or to bring along 15 muffins Dry ingredients 5 oz (150 g) hazelnut flour 1/3 cup (25 g) coarse coconut flour Grated zest of ½ organic orange Pinch of salt Wet...

Clarified butter is easy to make

Clarified butter is easy to make and easy to work with Clarified butter doesn´t get burned when the temperature is high, as usual butter does. One difference between heated olive oil and heated clarified butter is, that the butter doesn´t get it´s nutritional content...

The GAPS-chef´s column

Nutritional Psychiatrist: Brain Food Is Not Broccoli

Excellent presentation by nutritional psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede I need no more words here, this doctor can speak for herself. So I´ll let you listen without spoiling. The talk was given in April on the conference LowCarb Breckenridge 2018  'Our Descent into...

Skip expensive antioxidants as supplement

Eat real food and skip expensive antioxidants as supplements Oh no, everything is so expensive! - It can be quite overwhelming to start doing an effort to recover, like for instance diving into the GAPS diet. And then it can be a convenient excuse, that you just...

Real Stories Are Data, too!

Research results are data, but real stories are data, too! Much nutrition research is based on reports on subjective experience. When subjective and memorized data are collected and turned into statistics, it is called research. But when individual succesful stories...

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